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DO YOU KNOW... you should hand a business card to a business partner in China?
   ....what it means if during a negotiation in China you are seated facing the doors?
   ....what the capital Beijing is called in Chinese?
   ....when China celebrates the New Year?
   ....which exhibitions are the most useful for making contacts?
   ....why the price of a product does not always correspond to its quality?
   ....that “ORIENTIS” will help you make the best business decisions in China!


Special offers of the goods - directly from Chinese manufacturers

   We offer the most convenient way to search for and order the items of your choice from China. Considering our offers you will save your time and exclude any additional costs.

   „ORIENTIS“ presents a special goods and raw materials catalog, where you can find variety of items directly from the manufacturers and suppliers in China.

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Manufacturing of advertising products in China

   Industrial and trading companies, who would like to make their products, services or brand-names even more popular spend more and more money on the promotional campaigns or promotion gifts production.

   „ORIENTIS“ introduces a new service - production of advertising items in Asia. Business, trade companies may order traditional promotion attributes - mugs, pens, promotion toys, fridge magnets, mobile phone straps, etc. - or accomplish even the most original ideas and offer their clients the newest, most recent novelties in the market . In addition, promotional material will be produced and supplied in the lowest costs. More...

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